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Wireless & RF Solutions

"Get Connected Anywhere Anytime"

Wireless Technology is an alternative to Wired Technology, which is commonly used, for connecting devices in wireless mode. Wireless technologies have been actively used in Enterprise communications since mid-`90s. The demand and the importance of the technologies for business are continually growing ever since, which stimulates telecom manufacturers to create and deploy new wireless solutions.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a generic term that refers to the IEEE 802.11 communications standard for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs).

All the corporate today have the primordial necessity of wireless solutions, and Zetta offers the ultimate wireless technology that enables everyone to get connected "Anywhere and Anytime" WLANs that started as casual hotspots, evolved into centrally controlled enterprise access networks, and are now evolving into a business-critical platform for interactive multimedia traffic. Several market transitions are behind this latest development. This is the main reason why corporate nowadays are switching to Wireless Networking solution too. These not only attribute towards the convenience factor; rather they help in giving a boost to the productivity of the employees, thereby giving them a competitive edge over their competitors. These also help in reducing training and travel cost for the companies. It's also a beginning to reshape business models.

Wireless Solutions provided by Zetta, offer business mobility with the scalability factor where these solutions can be customized to suit individual corporate requirements.

We at Zetta aim at the understanding the actual business requirement of our customer's and based on it we offer a Wireless solution which is reliable and secure to match wired like security.