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Talent Services

Zetta has been assisting its clients for maximizing their technological investments with highly effective staffing solutions. Our specialized Delivery model evokes the highest calibre of talent Onshore, Offshore, and Nearshore. Our unique Delivery model blends the best of all aspects of Recruiting Delivery while maintaining quality within a cost-effective model. We eliminate the burden of the search for our clients and deliver an unmatched level of service via our recruiting network which provides Zetta access to some of the finest talent in the industry. This allows us to manage large enterprise customers with high-volume requirements.

Contractual Staffing:

For a few months or several years, Zetta is here to help you quickly find the right candidate for the job. In addition, our Account Executives and Recruiters maintain close contact with our consultants throughout the entire length of the contract, making sure that they have everything they need to get the job done for you.

Direct Hire:

Sometimes our clients require a direct hire and we partner with them to find the best fit for the position. We use our rigorous qualification process to identify the right person for your full-time position, just like we do for a contract or contract-to-hire position.

Its exceptional people, processes and technology - all dedicated to getting the job done right. We understand that for technology to work it has to serve real business needs, and that every IT service has to be implemented by people.

At Zetta, we locate individuals who are not only technologically proficient but who care about teaming with other colleagues and clients. We recruit people with the right mix of character and integrity who genuinely share our values. We treat every assignment as a step toward building long-term partnerships.