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About Us

Zetta is a derivative of Zettabytes, the future generation unit of huge volume of data.

The future generation device and gadgets will be transformed completely into intelligent and smart devices that would transmit and traverse the computation of huge volumes — zettabytes — of data on distributed and centralised networks where this data can be accessed, uploaded and downloaded to any location by the use of smart applications and the software embedded new era network devices and infrastructure.

Zetta strives to be the partner that best understands the new business models, markets and intelligent software's that needs lightening speed network infrastructure through a constant focus and learning on new technologies.

Our Story

our ability to recognize and adapt to new business technologies has forged us into a reliable and knowledgeable resources for companies and organizations like yours.

As your business faces challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, your ability to select the right technology choice becomes absolutely critical. It's important to maintain the fine balance of continuing with your business operations and also be able to migrate to a leaner infrastructure using cost-effective solutions.

The need of the hour is to enhance employee productivity, collaborate effectively with your partners and customers, access your data anywhere & anytime, and derive insights from your data to drive growth

Zetta believes in "When you succeed, we do too!"

At Zetta, we strive for our customers' Success. Zetta is a company based on the value of commitment; A commitment to make success happen for our customers, so that we too succeed in our mission! Our commitment is a culture focused on going above and beyond for our customers, and on doing things right, from the start. It means hiring the best and giving them opportunities to showcase their talents. It means assisting our customers to find the best solutions for their individual needs. And it means tackling challenges head-on, with a positive attitude and an ability to think outside the box. It is THIS commitment that allows us to build lasting relationships with our customers, working with them as partners to become an integral part of their business.

Who We Are

ZETTA CONNECT - Founded by the Team of highly talented, motivated IT industry professionals with year's of experience. Having been a part of the networking industry for years and having contributed enormously in the field of IT Engineering, Network Design, Storage, Security....and Implementation at different levels, the expert individuals of their respective domain form a team to start their own venture that is fully dedicated to provide high quality Network solution and services.

We are exceptionally unique, young enough to think out of the box solutions and experienced enough to execute deliver the solutions beyond customer satisfaction.

"ZETTA's" very competent technical team work proactively towards providing the high quality and cost effective solutions to our customer's. The organization's endeavour is to be the leader in providing innovative cutting edge technology –"providing tomorrow's technology, today" through strong and strategic alliances and global technology leaders.

Now more than ever, It is important have an trustworthy IT solutions partner who can help you accomplish your IT goals, achieve new efficiencies and realize cost savings every step of the way whether you need speedy access to essential technologies or expert solutions and support. We treat every assignment as a step toward building long-term partnerships.

"ZETTA's strength lies in our focus and commitment to deliver excellence and help you succeed using our core competency expertise"

What We Do

We provide custom IT based business process solutions, next-gen mobility solutions.

We Design, Integrate, and Support information technology communication environments that power the ideas of people around the world. Business is being transformed by globalization, virtualization, a new generation of millennial workers and continual technology innovation. We know businesses want to integrate to their communications.

Your communications infrastructure matters and we ensure it works well for you. We help make complex technologies work well together, so that you can work well together with others and spend less time worrying about Network issues, and more time focused on what you do..

"ZETTA", in fidelity to the name, provides a high speed and broad spectrum of best practices solution and services in Information Technology, Telecom, and other related fields.

"ZETTA" an integration answer to all your small, medium or Extensive IT and Telecom Needs We are always a step ahead of our industry so our customer's can stay ahead of theirs.