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Our People

Passion, Compassion and Leadership are the spice of life at Zetta. The people are groomed to brew these spices in their daily functioning at the workplace. The environment has been made conducive to nurture talent and craft leaders to participate in the growth of the organization.

We have a 'cream of the crop' team of qualified professionals with competence to design & develop bespoke IT infrastructures and solutions. The burning desire to comply with stipulated time frames helps us to deliver services on time and to thereby gain the confidence of our clients.

We value Client inputs. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and trained to provide the best solutions to our customers, we like to keep ourselves open to suggestions and do always deliver as per customized requirements. We have people that are sensitive towards your individual needs and who are highly adept at delivering custom-made solutions.

  • Firm wide culture of commitment with a ‘whatever it takes to get it done’ attitude
  • Zetta’s Family: Self organized Teams (independent, self-governing, self-sufficient teams that replicate a human cell)
  • Out-of-the-box thinking to create solutions
  • Focused on Innovation
    • Agile in technology implementation with well trained experts
    • Mandated continuous learning for all employees to adapt new technologies and processes.
  • Strive constantly to achieve strong ROI for the customer
  • Transparency: We share everything we have for your queries on engagement, projects, tasks, resources or costs. It doesn’t get any more transparent than this
  • Accountability: We don't 'pass-the-baton'. We engage to ensure complete accountability and responsibility to work with you as a strategic partner ensuring your goals are met. We follow a comprehensive governance model with a defined responsibility-assignment matrix
  • Collaboration: With tools and technologies and a customer-centric culture, we ensure extremely high degree of collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization. Again, the small size of the teams used in the delivery model encourages faster communication and reduces bottlenecks
  • Innovation: We leverage our capabilities in Networking, Security, Wireless, Structured Cabling, Data Centre and enterprise solutions to provide you with best available solutions within your plans
  • Unique Delivery process: We go above and beyond typical process, where we customize the model around your business process. Our hard work is reflected in the unique process flow that governs the delivery