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Delivery Model

It goes beyond projects. It's about building lasting partnerships for a successful goal.
Not all IT service providers are created equal and nor do they deliver comparable business value. Zetta believes in a partnership driven model that helps you grow and achieve your goals. Our success is defined by your success. Zetta’s core values contribute significantly to our culture of “achieving excellence in everything we do” from our hiring process to our daily work, to our interactions with our customers, colleagues and our partners.

Zetta is poised for seamless delivery - 24x7x365

Zetta’s Customer Focused Delivery Model is based on three pillars:

  • Innovation
  • Practices
  • Solutions

Project Methodology

Successful project management is characterized by good planning, effective discovery and resourcing, realistic expectations of outcomes and strong management support. The more complex a project, more attention to detail is required to its project management through the adoption and use of a project management methodology.

Zetta-Connect have skilled personnel that adopt a structured methodology approach to managing projects.

The project management methodology consists of a set of inter-related phases, activities and tasks that define the project process from the start through to completion. Each phase of the project produces a major deliverable that contributes towards achieving project objectives. Phases consist of a number of activities that are groups of related tasks and, when viewed in isolation, give a clear indication of the logical sequence of steps to be taken to achieve either phase or project objectives. Each activity has a number of tasks. Tasks are the lowest level shown in a breakdown and produce an outcome contributing towards major deliverables.

The objective is to provide common standards to ensure that projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner, completed on time and within budget.

The general methodology used in a project is as follows: